Inwood Material Terminal

Inwood Material Terminal

Inwood Material Terminal (IMT), a Haugland Group affiliate, services the greater New York construction industry with the recycling of debris, distribution of several types of aggregate, and stevedoring of specialty cargo through its marine terminals in Inwood and Glen Cove, New York. Haugland Group affiliate, Grace Industries, leverages the services of IMT to broaden its capacity to targeting projects that require a high volume of materials.

Inwood Material Terminal is a Full Service Marine Terminal; Services Include:

● Aggregate distribution of concrete and drainage stone
● Three DEC registered crushing operations
● Dump facility
● Stevedore services
● Barging and trucking

● Clean Concrete
● Mix Debris
● Millings
● Concrete

● Screened Millings
● ¾ Clean Recycled
● Oversize Clean Recycled
● 1/4”, 3/8”, 3/4”, 1 ½” Quarry Friction Stone